Tuesday, October 11, 2011

FALL 2011

 It's officially fall and so far the weather has been pretty awesome so we are taking full advantage of it!  Went to the pumpkin patch and ended up playing the whole time and grabbed one lousy pumpkin on our way out!  She chased pigs, went down slides, and played in the corn kernels most the night.

 This girl makes friends wherever she goes and I was just happy that it wasn't boys this time!
 Although she did like flirting with boys by throwing kernels at them and running away!  My mom just laughs every time I say she is too friendly cuz I guess she got one thing from me.  
 Since it's so nice we have been spending our evenings in the backyard after going for a ride on Scott's new toy and watching him clean it.  It has been heaven and please don't leave us just yet nice weather!

And of course a hair cut by our favorite Aunt Jani was necessary!  Happy Fall!!!


Ambo said...

she is getting so big!


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