Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Summer is just beginning

 Scott officially got home on Saturday from traveling the last 4 1/2 months so to celebrate Labor Day we went up to Park City to swim and have some fun as a family finally!  When everyone's fun is ending, ours is just beginning!  We had such a blast swimming, going out together, and just relaxing!
 Blakely is already for fall I guess cuz the only shoes she wants to wear are her boots!  My two peas in a pod together at last!  

 On Monday my parents came up to the hotel to hang out for a while before going to meet all the Bell's for of course an afternoon of competition!  Blakely loves her uncle E.J. and I'm glad she is going to be competitive cuz she didn't like anyone touching her "pink ball!"  She will even dive for it...
 Love my single brother in laws and how much help they are with the babies.  I would hook them up with girls, but I secretly don't want them to get married.  Isn't my nephew to die for?!?  

 Everyone played a game of baseball for two hours!  If you know the family, things can get intense...  Blakely of course had to bat here and there!
 The only pic I got of the girls with their game faces on!
 We had a great weekend getaway and will be heading up to Park City as often as possible!  So nice to relax and be only an hour away from home.  Here are some other random photos... trying to get caught up before baby boy arrives in 6 weeks!
 Blakely discovered the world of "JUSTIN BIEBER!"  Scott got her a karaoke machine and she pretty much sings it at least twice a day!  Hilarious...  And don't worry that pretty black eye that is barely going away was so sad for mom... She thought it was cool though!
 Breakfast time!  "Mom I'm a bunny!  Take a picture!"
Other random photos:  getting ready for a photo shoot in basement and she says hold on and runs upstairs and gets all decked out and comes back and says mom I'm ready!  Someone gets jealous when I take pictures of other kids now!  And watering the plants half naked... a favorite past time.
So glad to have DADDY home and have some real fun before baby brother gets here!


Jeremy and Jani said...

i stole that picture of beckham and jared. so glad scott is home for the summer. get in some much needed r&r before the little mr. makes his arrival! yay!

a. dancepants said...

chelsey, I love to stalk your blog because of your fabulous pictures and beautiful family. just thought you should know. good luck getting ready for baby!


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