Thursday, April 14, 2011

A lot...

 We have been staying busy even though the weather just doesn't want to stay warm for us!  Scott has been busy and Blakely and I have managed to stay completely busy!  Here's a summary of what we've been up to:  throwing rocks in the river on a Sunday and refusing to take off her sunglasses ever (I can't help but laugh every time I see her in them, Scott and I went to Vegas but of course all we did was lay out and go to awesome shows and take no pics!  Loved it!  Thanks mom for always watching B last minute for us!  Scott turned 29 and my sister came into town for a week so we played!!!  Justin and Jared came to visit Blakely and she wants to play baseball everyday with Uncle Justin and Jared uses her to get the ladies...  My sis and I met up with 3 cousins for lunch and went to the women's expo!  Amazing that we all pretty much have girls!  B and I had a great time at the Living Aquarium.  She loved it and wanted to swim with the sharks until one zoomed right by her face!   
Scott's 29th birthday festivities!  Celebrating with my family and his brothers later!
 Our favorite visitor:  Aunt Kel and Baby Scarlet!  Had to get them matching pjs and take a bath!  Who would have thought that two blonde sisters would have dark babies that look the same...
 Shopping till we dropped and lunch with cousins!
The Living Aquarium.  She bonked her head and of course busted out laughing!  Love this girl.  
Spring please come so we can play outside!



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