Monday, March 14, 2011


I love my little side job especially when I get to take my own nephews pictures!  All my sister in laws that got married in 2009 are all having babies within a month of each other.  How fun is that!  Just waiting for the last little niece to arrive any day.  
He is just the biggest sweetie and I'm so glad he only lives 5 minutes away cuz Blakely can't get enough of him.  He got blessed yesterday and Blakely started singing "Itsy bitsy spider" to him as loudly as she could in the middle of church.  

He looks like he will have blue eyes and this is when I start wondering, how did they get the blue eyed and blonde haired baby and I got the dark...
We did some "Lifestyle" shots at an awesome modern house and had a blast!  Love you Beckham.

Scott and I booked a last minute trip to CA the week this little guy was born to relax and take Blakely to Disneyland.  I was so happy to meet him and be able to take his pictures while I was there.  He is so snuggly!  
Josh and Alicia have the cutest apartment and we had such a blast!  Their is nothing better than becoming a first time parent.  
And yes I was able to capture his SMILE in the bottom left.  He loves me most already!
Congratulations to my beautiful sister and brother in laws and remember that I will always be their favorite aunt! ha ha


Hailey Smoot Kandell said...

darling darling darling. how coud you resist getting prego with all those cuties around?

Callie said...

Great pictures Chels! How cute are those babies, I bet it's making you baby hungry or maybe it's just making me baby hungry haha! They are so so darling and I love how Blakely sang Itsy Bitsy Spider!

Sarah Pugmire said...

Hey there!! Your seriously amazing!! I never you could take pictures like that! Blakely is as cute as can be!! Its been fun catching up on peoples blogs, I haven't even looked at anyones in forever!! But seriuosy, how cute does Brooks and Blakely sound!!! We'll hook them up for sure!


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