Thursday, June 24, 2010


HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!  I decided that I'm going to make it a tradition every Father's day to get a picture of Blakely with whatever uncles are around!  And I found this one from last year.  
Then here is the one this year.  All the Bell uncles.
Then Blakely and daddy last year and this year!  This girl is so loved and spoiled!
Lately Blakely has been drawing on everything!  Here is her not so innocent face!  The wall behind her has chalk all over it.  I seem to be finding my floors colored with crayons daily!  We're working on it!
Scott had some work in Bend, Oregon so we went with!  This means we saw him for a whole half hour in the morning and Blakely was so happy to be swimming with him!  
I almost feel bad for animals when she comes around!  She loves them and smothers them!  We chased and fed the ducks one day!
I have a video of this that I need to upload, but when all of us girls are in the car talking and she gets sick of not getting all of the attention, she busts up laughing hysterically to get our attention!  You would die!  It's hilarious.  This girl cracks me up!


casey.chelsea.cali said...

hahaha...can't wait to see the video:) She is so dang cute and so lucky to have all the uncles out with her. I can only imagine all the attention she gets. No wonder when you girls are talking away she busts up laughing!!


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