Friday, March 26, 2010


We headed to our favorite vacation spot last week and what a blast!  The weather was great and most of the Bell Clan came and we hit the beach two days, took Blakely to Disneyland, ate great food, shopped, I got to spend some much needed time with my sis, and we all went to Beverly Hills (which I never recommend on a Friday!)  
Blakely could live on the beach like me!  Perfect age for it too!  Doesn't eat sand and not really interested in the freezing cold water after Grandpa put her legs in!  She played by herself with toys all day!  
She of course soaked up the attention from everyone around her!  The benefits of being the only grand baby on the Bell side.  She loves all the Bell boys and I can't wait till she is older so they can teach her to play ball.  
This is the trip that I realized my baby is a toddler now.  Sad moment... but so fun!  
We hit up Disneyland!  And of course I forgot my nice camera and now I can't stand shooting with a little digital camera.  Drove me crazy!  But had to get some pics of Blakely's first time to Disneyland!
Most of the Bell girls in my favorite ride... space mountain
All but one Bell Boy
I think Blakely thought that riding on her uncle's shoulders was the most fun ride of all!  She would dance and point at things.  
Yes my baby has pigtails!  She has so much hair now and I don't know what to do with it!  It was so easy just to throw a comfy beanie on to keep her warm!  
As soon as we got home from Disneyland she crashed with her baby on the bed!  Wow that place does make you so tired.  She was such a trooper all day.  P.S.  She is obsessed with babies!  She puts a diaper on them, wraps them in blankets, feeds them, tries to give them her paci.  Love little girls!  
On Sunday night we went and watched the volleyball players on the beach.  Loved it!  Only wish I could hang!  They were crazy good.  
The reason I love CA so much!  My sis lives there!  Someday I am determined to live there too!  She is having a baby girl in August so can't wait for that!  
Blakely doesn't get why the pigeons don't want to play with her.  They always walk away.
We will miss you CA, oh but don't worry we will be back soon!  


Hailey Smoot Kandell said...

oh we love diddyland (as my kids call it) we are up for that trip whenever. Let us know next time you go.

~Conradis~ said...

Lady, I swear almost every time I check on you, you guys are somewhere warm and soaking the sun! I am jealous! Looks like so much fun! Sorry that your baby is growing up, but isn't it fun!

Southern Belle said...

How was taking her to Disneyland? We are thinking about taking Cheyenne to Disneyworld, because we can do a day of service and get free tickets for us and then she is free too... Did she enjoy it? Or did she really care where she was?

Callie said...

What a fun trip...your pictures are awesome and Blakely couldn't get any cuter! She is so fun, I love her little personality!

Ambo said...

fun fun, love the pictures, she is getting so big. Im trying to plan a trip out there this sept, Shhhhhh Josh dosnt know
Love the photography too, your getting so good!

Just a mom said...

we really need to get our kids together! She is so stinkin cute just playing on the beach.

casey.chelsea.cali said...

LOVED that post and loved her swimsuit! She really is a toddler and I agree, it is a sad moment when you realize it but oh, they are SO much fun. I cannot believe she played so contently on the beach just with her toys. She is such a good little girl! I think Cali would have been tugging on me the whole time to entertain her:)

Really....we are LONG overdue for a play date. Maybe this time I won't be so fickle and we can actually work something out:)

Natalie said...

I am so jealous! Looks like you guys had a great time. When did Blakely grow up? Holy Cow she looks so big! Hopefully we'll get to hang out before you leave for the summer.

Love the photo sessions, you are doing such an amazing job!

Michelle said...

I swear you are always vacationing it up somewhere fabulous! So jealous. Can't believe Blakely is so big...looks like it's time to have another...JK


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