Monday, November 9, 2009



Every time I go out, people stop me and ask me where I get Blakely's beanies so one night I went crazy and made a whole bunch.  So now I'm going to sell them for cheap.  I love them because they are made from soft, warm and stretchy material that is perfect for winter.  The flower isn't in your babies face so they don't grab at them and she doesn't even notice it's on her head.

I took some pictures of Blakley as an example of what they look like on so check them out.  They make great presents!

I will be selling them for $12 each (Nordstrom sells them for $22), free shipping, and I have almost every color.  I posted my favorite beanies that go with the most things.
White on white, red on red for the holidays, and pink!

1. Email me at
Two different sizes of beanies
1. 0-12 months
2. 12 months -14 years
3. Specify what colors
My favorites are:
white hat with white flower, black with hot pink flower, white with hot pink flower, red hat and red flower (holidays), white or black hat with red flower, white or black hat with pale pink flower, dark green with green flower, turquoise hat with turquoise flower.

I did a photo shoot for a 3 and 5 year old and threw on the beanies and they look adorable on any age.

4. I will have you mail me a check and you will have your hats within a week!


Natalie said...

Those are adorable! If i ever have a girl I will be calling you...and most of the girls I know who are pregnant are having boys! But I love them!

Jillian said...

great pics chels!!!

casey.chelsea.cali said...

She is such a diva and I love it! I definitely want one for Cal. So cute!! I'll send you an email:)

Whitney. said...

These are so cute! I for sure want one! Do you make the big flower headbands that Blakely always has on?! I want some more of those too!

Sarah said...

I love them! If I think of any baby girls to get them for I will buy some!

Ambo said...

i Find out thursday what im having, if its a girl, Im going to buy the crap out of your

Sarah said...

SO cute CHels, you did a great job with the photo shoots and the hats.

~Conradis~ said...

K besides the beanies that are SO cute and I will have to order a FEW... Blakely is GORGEOUS! I love her eyes!

Jason and Amy said...

chels you are amazing. love the beanies. been making carlee wear hers around the house so she gets used to it :) we are going to take pics tomorrow and you know im gonna at least try and force one on carlee :) I definitly want to get some for my friends lil girl for christmas. proud of you. they are adorable

Maija-Liisa said...

I have a request for teenage sizes. Can you do it?


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