Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Last Bell Wedding and Cabo!

Justin and Aubree got married September 25th and it was absolutely perfect! I'm way behind on posts. September flew by and we can't believe October is half way gone!!!

The reception was at Sleepy Ridge and it was beautiful! That place is new and might be a favorite of mine!!!

Blakely of course loved getting attention from everyone! Here is a picture of her and my mom!

Scott and his best guy friends... what would he do without them!
The beautiful sunset at Sleepy Ridge.


Scott and I took off to Cabo the morning after the wedding and spent most of our time relaxing, sleeping, eating, golfing, and enjoying the beach! We missed our little girl though...

With just the two of us we didn't take many pics, but here is beautiful Cabo!
More posts to come of our many activities!
Congrats Justin and Aubree!


Jillian said...

woo! sexy legs girl! i dont know if hollie told you but i am coming to utah on tuesday and i want to get together with you guys one night....or day, whatever.


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