Friday, July 17, 2009

Two Week Adventure


Jani, Blakely and I drove to Dallas for my mother in law's birthday, then flew to UT, then I went to CA for girl's trip, back to UT, then to Dallas to get car, and drive back to Houston where my back tire blew out but that's another long story!  
We just had so much fun, missed Scott, but didn't want to come back to the heat!


My mother in law Rachelle blowing out her candles!  The girls getting ready to head to dinner!
Blakely getting smothered by her aunts!  How many bags does it take for two girls and a baby to travel?!  Wow Jani and I over packing like usual to head home!  


Every year I have to be home for the 4th.  I just love the small town parade and carnival... Blakely loves a good parade just as much as me!  Showing her 4th of July spirit!  
The grandparents with their granddaughters!  
My mom put stars on all the girls cute dresses and they all looked so darling! I think my mom loves dressing Blakely even more than me!  All the grandkids in our family all dressed to impress!  My two fav C-ville girls: Kamille and Jani at the carnival!  
I love my parents wagon and I had to give Blakely a little ride!  She loves it too!
Don't laugh!  This is my mom's pride and joy... His name is Kramer like the guy on Seinfield.  He is the best dog though I'm not going to lie.  Him and Blakely are in love!  She watches him all day long and he follows her everywhere she goes... But even though he looks like a horse you would love him too!


Blakely loved having her two cousins around to entertain her and so did I!  They had a great time together and she is like her mommy... a fish!

Blakely with my dad loving all the attention.

Then I left Blakely in the loving hands of my parents to head on a girls trip!  


Sarah, Hailey, Chelsey, and Amy
We left the kiddos at home for a nice relaxing trip!
We were able to actually lay out without kids and get some much needed sun!  We went to the pier one night and acted crazy like usual!  We ate, shopped, and loved our time together...
Hailey giving me some love on the ferris wheel since I hadn't seen my husband for two weeks!  Some girl wanted to have a competition hula hooping... I hate losing!

I was able to go out with my sister one night since she lives somewhat close!!! It's always great to see her and we don't do it enough...
Wow I miss home, but will be there soon enough!  


Natalie said...

Looks like you had a great trip! Glad I got to see you, if only for a minute! Can't wait till you guys get back in the fall and we can have lots of play dates!

casey.chelsea.cali said...

Such a great trip! I've decided Bailey gets the award for best dressed on the fourth!! Love it.

Sarah Pugmire said...

wow that really was an adventure!! Haha I love how you think your mom's dog looks like a horse! So funny! oh and ps, I just have to add that I hate you and your perfect body!!:)

Hailey Smoot Kandell said...

Cali was so fun, I am ready to start planning next years trip....

Lisa said...

Chelsey you have such a beautiful family! I still cannot get over how beautiful and how young your mother-in-law looks. I can tell your mom loves Blakely like crazy!

Jeremy and Jani said...

love the hula hoop you look awesome, and your french braid looks so good i need to get better at those!

~Conradis~ said...

Looks like so much fun!!! And I am so so so so so very jealous! You are gorgeous as ALWAYS and your little Princess, oh Chels, she is getting so big! Sad how time flies!

The Hoyt's said...

Blakely looks a lot like your dad in the picture of them swimming. Too cute!

Luxy Bows said...
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Kristi Judd said...

Okay so I have to ask....Where did you get Blakley's cute lace leggings?!!

Jillian said... fun! I love santa monica. me and todd went there a few years ago and absolutley loved it! we stayed right on the ocean next to the pier. it was so fun!


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