Saturday, January 17, 2009


Scott and I went to Cancun on the APX trip!  It was so great to get away only for a couple of days and play with our friends!  We had a dilemma and I never received my luggage so I just wore the same thing everyday, but that's ok!  Still a blast!  The boys in the ocean!
We had amazing meals at night!  This one was at Harry's Steakhouse!  To die for!
Steph, me, and Kelsey!  Love these girls!  We had so much fun with all the awesome wives!
                       Bo and Scott going to town with this huge cotton candy!
This is where the boys spent most of their time!  Not only competitive at work, but playing volleyball also!  It was a much needed and great break!  We missed our baby though, but she was in good hands!


Tj and Amy said...

I am jealous of all the fun and WARM trips you guys take! not fair! Blakley has already changed sooo much. she couldn't be cuter and you look wonderful too!

The Garlocks.... said...

Hey, my little brother went there to on that trip! I don't know if he was in a different spot because you guys are "higher up" on the APX list and that was his first year! He said it was fun! Blakely is adorable! I love the wedding pictures. She looks so cute! Isn't it fun being a mom!!!


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