Saturday, January 12, 2008


So last night we had another amazing date night!!! We went out to eat and tried to go roller skating, but we couldn't get in so we went laser tagging and played arcades! This is one hilarious crew!!!
Jason and Scott doing what they do best. This is a perfect example of their faces. Jason laughing while he shoots and Scott being dead serious while getting his butt kicked!!!
And don't worry all the boys have the same truck! So this is what the Vonk's driveway looks like.
And I think the girls killed the boys. Thanks Brady and Lauren and Jason and Amy!


Shanley said...

You guys are having too much fun:) Can't wait for basketball this week.

Hailey Kandell said...

why are we never invited???

Jason & Amy said...

that was way fun! can;t wait for rollerskating

mrshasleton said...

You and Scott are always having so much fun! I love how they all have the same truck!

Cooksey said...

So fun! It's like playing FUGITIVE but inside with lasers.

Anonymous said...

Oh man we missed out again.... Looks like fun.


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