Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Our Halloween Party!

So this last weekend Scott and I had our first party at the house with my high school girlfriends and their families. We ate soup and played games! It was a blast and the costumes were even better! Scott has a hard time getting into Halloween, but he was kind enough to let me dress him up as a girl and we were a lesbian couple! It was great fun! Here are some pictures from the successful party!


Cooksey said...

I absolutely love everyone's costumes! I wish I was there to see you all. I hear it was fun. Hopefully I will get to see your new house when I visit next month.

Jason & Amy said...

Fun! no when is the party for your college friends??? How about christmas :)

Hailey Kandell said...

You guys were some hot lesbians, thanks for hosting, it was so fun!

mrshasleton said...

Thanks for that fun party Chels! We had fun and the food was yummy!


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