Thursday, September 27, 2007


Most of you might know by now the Scott and Chelsey story! I have been reminded the last couple of days by Scott telling our story over and over again to people. It's still remarkable that Scott and I are where we are today. As most of you remember, we were just friends. Nothing more! We just liked spending time together and basically being with one another all day. Scott still calls me an investment cuz we weren't even dating, but he was so lucky to pay for all of my meals and entertainment for almost two years before calling me his! He remembers me as the girl who flirted with all the guys in the hall and I remember him as the guy with the nice body.
Let's just say that one of us fell in love with the other and the other person still saw them as a friend and thought of how gross it would be to kiss their best friend. But once she lost her best friend she knew that she probably should at least try. So they started to try! But it was very awkward! It took us a month to hold hands and cuddle! And maybe two more months for Chelsey finally to kiss Scott! After that everything worked out for the best. The people that know us the best will never forget how we were just friends, but deep down we all knew that this is how the story would start.


Eric, Hailey, Ady and Max said...

oh I am tearing up....cheesey nerd!

Anonymous said...

I love a good love story! I should do that on my blog one of these days...if people will believe ours. Ha ha

mrshasleton said...

I never knew how you guys met! I am shocked it took you two a month to hold hands and cuddle!!
Let me know what you will need help with for the 26th!

Williams Fam said...

YOu are such a cute couple!! It was fun to hear your story!! I couldn't be happier for you!


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