Monday, July 30, 2007

Boys will be Boys!!!

We all went bowling the other day and all of these boys are a little too close if you know what I mean! If you were observing you would believe that half of them would be gay with each other. Too bad they are also girl crazy or you might believe it.
Scott ruins every picture! He has finally perfected the ugliest face known to man! I can't get a picture out of him so here is what you get! Beware you might be blinded!

We were driving by the gas station and noticed a bunch of boys acting very oddly! Jeremy was acting out the Zoolander scene where they are pouring gas all over trying to look sexy. Didn't work, but it was hilarious! At least they have some fun after a long day of work.


Jason & Amy said...

I heard you put an offer in on a house! Congrats. I secretly hope they don't accept it so you have to move in our neighborhood :)

Ashley Lefrandt said...

Chels! I'm so excited to see your blogg. I am putting you on my friend list at once. Ours is when do you come home? I miss you!!

Anonymous said...

Chelsey love the blog! I finally started ours but it is still new. Keep in touch! Tell me about this house?


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